Enter: Ronni Milanes

hearse-boys-portraits-ronniAction: enter Stage LEFT

Sorry I’m Late.

Hi, I’m Ronni. I’m one of the two Hearse Boys.

Hearse Boys has been an idea in my head for a while now, and this seed has grown too large to stay in the back of my mind any longer. This idea being; sharing my opinions with others and having others challenge them and teach me, as well as do the same. Back then, this project had a litany of other names, but always stayed true to one notion: appeal to the masses with a strong emphasis on ‘masses’ like me. This is a project I hope people will enjoy and something I hope to learn from-

but even a ‘deep-seeded’ idea couldn’t prepare me for the tribulations that come with turning an idea into something tangible.


It turns out that this seed is a lot more costly and difficult to bring to fruition. Honestly something I wouldn’t be able to do alone (thanks Rainey). Content creation is a strange and new land for me. Teaching myself things like audio engineering, as well as photo and video editing is something I did not expect to be so difficult. The opposition is hard to cope with, especially the ones within my own subconscious; luckily I stopped listening a while ago. I believe we will persevere, Hearse Boys could flop but I ain’t no bitch I will resuscitate if need be!

We are just getting started and hopefully soon we will have something for everyone to enjoy. We have great talented friends that will help contribute to Hearse Boys along with local Bronx artist who contribute something positive to the place we call home and make this borough worth talking about. I personally like anime and video games so expect a lot of that from me.


Stay tuned for shit from Rainey and I in the coming weeks.

Drive safe 😉 (car driving off sound).

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