Hearse Boys is a project. a Bronx project. We’re not entirely sure what to call it yet, exactly, being that it is a multitude of things. It isn’t a company or a corporation. Not yet, anyway. It’s more or less just something we felt like doing. And what we feel like doing is, well, everything. This section is for anyone who is confused about what exactly Hearse Boys is, and while I can’t accurately answer that, I can tell you what each component of Hearse Boys is meant to do.

  • Bandcamp – Specifically for hosting music made by Bronx artists of all sides of the spectrum of fame, under the condition that is is exclusively a Hearse Boys bandcamp release, which are all free. Clout doesn’t mean a thing here. Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been grinding for a while, whether you’ve built a fanbase or you’re on day-1, as long as we like what we hear, it’s going up.
  • Twitter – Our nexus of communication and the best means of keeping up with events as they happen. It’s also the best way to communicate with our followers and subscribers.
  • Soundcloud – Episodes of our Podcast after they’ve aired initially will be posted here, and it is strictly for our podcast uploads. Music will remain restricted to Bandcamp releases.
  • Twitch – This is where we do what everyone else on twitch does, which is Live-stream. Whether it’s the podcast, or a ‘LetsPlay,’ this is where you would come to see us live, and chat with us in real time.
  • YouTube – This will probably have the most, if not, all the content we post, concerning video and audio. Anything from skits, to reviews, or what-have-you.

Text posts will remain here, on the website, and if you have any questions or would like to contact us about anything, feel free to shoot us an email in the contact section. Thank you. Drive safe.

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